Hello, My name is Chandler Biggs. Yes, that's "BIGGS" with an "s". I am the founder and owner of BIGG Adventure Company. In 2015, I started BIGG Adventure Co. as an 18 year old selling adventure-styled stickers to college students.


"Exploring a 100 year old abandoned Gold Dredge in Alaska."-CB


The creation and development of BIGG Adventure Company has been one of the many steps in My BIGG Adventure. Over the past few years of development, I have made some amazing new friends, shared many memorable adventures, and witnessed people across the country engage in a more adventurous lifestyle.


"Hammocking under the Little Mac bridge at Grand Valley State University" -CB

My BIGG Adventure? Not only is it a cool hashtag (#mybiggadventure) I have been using since 2014, it is also a personal lifestyle. It is a purpose I live into, a sort of mission statement that embodies who I am. My BIGG Adventure is:  "my daily walk connecting with others and striving to live a life sold out for Jesus Christ."

Now, a BIGG Adventure is one you share with your friends, your people. Friendships deepen as people’s comfort zones are pushed. Trust is built when you are surrounded by those who challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and who support and encourage you every step of the way. Adventuring provides the perfect atmosphere for this kind of development.

"Photo shoot on the 275 square mile white sand dunes in New Mexico" -CB

We all need a community that can support, encourage, and challenge us. My hope is to grow a business that enables people to live a purpose filled life and share their BIGG adventures with one another. I have had the opportunity to experience this type of community while going on adventures. From exploring an abandoned Gold dredge in the middle of Alaska to late night bonfires and swing dancing on the sand dunes, many memories are made and new friendships formed. I hope as I pursue my BIGG Adventure, people will inspire to seek out their own.

"Feeling the mist from a 40 foot waterfall in the middle of Alaska" -CB

I strive to live life to the fullest and make My Bigg Adventure a daily reality. Whether that's while I'm hiking the mountains in Alaska, sitting down with someone at a local coffee shop, or building a greater business. I seek to be ALIVE with those around me and live each day sold out for the lord.

This is My BIGG Adventure. What is yours?




“Get out of your comfort zone and into your adventure zone.”
— Expleditions Unlimited